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Early Detection of Mouth Cancer

The Early Detection of Mouth Cancer-An Initiative for The Whole Dental Team

The early detection of mouth cancer is a ‘good news’ subject. The clue lies in the word ‘early’; because early detection saves lives. It doesn’t only save lives; it saves the quality of life both for sufferers and everyone around them.

All GDC registered dental professionals are required to undertake training in ‘Detecting Oral Cancer’ within their 5 year CPD cycle.

Course duration: 60 minutes

The aim of this course is to provide dental professionals with education and awareness in oral cancer screening for early detection.

The objectives of this online course are that learner understands:

  • The different types of oral cancers, differential diagnosis and anatomical variations.
  • The common factors that lead to oral cancer.
  • The role of the dental team in the detection and treatment of suspected cancers.
  • How to carry out a screening examination.
  • How to carry out effective extra-oral examinations.

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Dr Philip Lewis, BDS.
Philip qualified in London in 1977. He has special interests in aesthetic dentistry and postgraduate education. He writes for the dental professional press and has had articles published globally. He has appeared on television and radio as media spokesman for the British Dental Association. Philip lectures on a range of clinical subjects, having given presentations in Romania, Pakistan, and the UK.
He serves on the editorial advisory board of national dental journals and maintains membership in global dental societies. Philips has gained several clinical and patient care accolades.
He has won the Independent Dentistry Postgraduate Commitment Prize, been selected as a finalist in The Probe’ National Dentist of the Year Awards and most recently was voted no 7 in Dentistry Magazine’s Top 50 Most Influential People in the Profession. Philip is the President of the UK charity, Mouth Cancer Foundation, and clinical lead of its Mouth Cancer Screening Scheme.
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Course Curriculum

  • What is mouth cancer?
    5 minutes
  • What causes cancer?
    5 minutes
  • Benign and malignant tumours
    5 minutes
  • Recognising signs and symptoms early
    5 minutes
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
    5 minutes
  • Spread of tumours
    5 minutes
  • Differential diagnosis
    5 minutes
  • Swellings
    5 minutes
  • Changes to the appearance of the intra-oral tissues
    5 minutes
  • Altered appearance of the tongue
    5 minutes
  • Infection
    5 minutes
  • Aphthous ulceration and anatomical variations
    5 minutes
  • Mouth cancer statistics
    5 minutes
  • Saving lives
    5 minutes
  • Factors that increase risk
    5 minutes
  • The Early Detection Protocol
    5 minutes
  • Counselling
    5 minutes
  • Carrying out the examination – Part 1
    5 minutes
  • Carrying out the examination – Part 2
    5 minutes
  • The Intra-Oral Examination
    5 minutes
  • What to do next
    5 minutes
  • How long does the early detection examination take?
    5 minutes
  • Firming up on protocols
    5 minutes
  • Medico-Legal
    5 minutes
  • Why does the incidence of mouth cancer continue to increase?
    5 minutes
  • Summary: Early Detection of Mouth Cancer
    5 minutes
  • Pre-Question Advice Preview
    1 minutes
  • Early Detection of Mouth Cancer
    12 questions
  • Course Feedback and Reflective Learning
    5 minutes

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Various media

We use a combination of text, imagery, videos and presentations to help you get the most out of this course.

Course downloads

This course features documents for you to download and use in your dental practice.

Post-course feedback

Upon completion of the course you are required to complete a short feedback survey.

Frequently asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course begins when you are ready. Although the course duration is 60 minutes, you can work at your own pace, and your progress is saved automatically.

How long do I have access to the course?

After you have successfully enrolled on the course, there is no limit on when you must complete the course by. 

Does the course have a test?

Yes. There is a short assessment at the end of the course. You must achieve 80% or more to pass the course. If you do not pass, you have the opportunity to review the content and re-take the assessment when you are ready.

Does the course offer a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a personalised certificate. This is saved to your personal dashboard. You can download and print this certificate when you require it. In addition, you are also credited with a digital badge that will feature in your personal dashboard.

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