Full Course Access – Annual CPD Membership

£39.99 / year

Are you a dental professional looking to gain access to a comprehensive suite of online training material? Are you looking to complete your CPD? 

Our Annual Membership offers you all of that and more. 

Get access to more than 55 online, verifiable CPD courses plus future course releases and new training material. 

  • Automatic enrolment on all our online courses.
  • Highest-quality online dental training material.
  • All courses are written and reviewed by industry experts.
  • Certificates awarded upon completion of each course.
  • Achievements stored in your online account.
  • Annual subscription renews automatically (but don’t worry, we’ll give you a nudge two weeks before to remind you).

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What’s included in the Annual Membership?

  • Access to our full suite of online CPD courses*.
  • Downloadable reflective learning and resource templates, accessible 24/7 from your online learning dashboard.
  • Verified certificates compliant with the General Dental Council’s requirements.
  • Access to new and future training material.


Why choose Apolline Training for your CPD? 

Our CPD courses are researched and written by a team of dentists and dental professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the profession. We involve our whole team in every course.


Engaging content = Happy learners

There is nothing worse than lesson after lesson of dull, flat content. That’s why we develop our courses using a range of media, presenting lessons with text, graphics and video.


Don’t just take our word for it! Our members LOVE our courses. 

98% satisfaction rate

We’re proud to have a 98% overall satisfaction score across ALL of our courses.

55,000 certificates

We’ve awarded more than 55,000 certificates to dental professionals like you

23,000 users

More than 23,000 dental professionals have registered with us

* does not include DSP Toolkit

Why choose us?

  • First, it’s only £39.99 per year.
  • Our courses will meet your GDC CPD requirements.
  • So far, we have issued over 55,000 CPD since 2018.
  • Our CPD courses are researched and written by qualified dentists and dental care professionals with many years of clinical and regulatory knowledge.
  • Courses are reviewed and updated annually or when required by regulatory changes.
  • We pride ourselves on the outstanding feedback we receive from our learners. (click here to read more)

Why do we have outstanding feedback?

We have outstanding feedback because our CPD courses are crafted with the utmost care and professionalism. Quality and accuracy are our absolute priorities.

We research all written material in line with UK regulations and requirements, endeavouring to keep dental teams and patients safe.

The feedback we receive from courses is continuously reviewed and adjusted in line with our feedback. We strive to maintain the highest standards possible.