Excellent delivery. Concise and clear.

 “Delivered excellently, concise and clearly. I understood every aspect of the content and have gone away confident to relay this to my team and carry out changes required”

Comprehensive and practical

“Very comprehensive and practical advice on the trepidations of GDPR and how to implement in my practice.”

Another very good course

Another very good course that I can use regularly and share with my colleagues.”

Informative and interesting

“Interesting and informative despite being a relatively sober subject.”


At Apolline Training, we’re very proud of what we do. Here’s a snapshot of some recent feedback from our customers

“Really enjoyed the information delivered in this course. Found it very informative.”


“Very comprehensive and practical advice on the trepidations of GDPR and how to implement in my practice.”

[GDPR for Dental Practices]

“Delivered excellently, concise and clear. I understood every aspect of the content and have gone away confident to relay this to my team and carry out changes required”

[Enhanced CPD]

Very good course, very informative. I would recommend to colleagues.”

[Level 2 Safeguarding Children & Young Adults]

“Good, informative course. Good use of graphics. Short but effective.

[Medical Emergencies: Angina]

“Simple yet very significant for our daily practice. Also beautifully presented! Well done.”

[Equality & Diversity]

“Easy, concise, reader-friendly. Helpful information which can be used in the practice daily.”

[Radiology & Radiation Protection M1]

“Enjoyed the course. Loved the info about Semmelweis and Nightingale”

[Hand Hygiene]

“I absolutely love this online training site. Very informative & easy to understand “

[Inoculation Injuries & Safer Sharps]

“Very informative and covered a very broad spectrum of a very tricky subject!”

[GDPR for Dental Care Professionals]

“This was an eye-opener of what our practice needs to include for the future now the GDPR have bought in new regulations.

[GDPR for Dental Practices]

“This course has helped me to improve my current record-keeping drastically

[Patient Records: What does good look like?]

“What a great course. I can use this knowledge every day as I can work in decon from time to time.

[Infection Control: Decontamination]

“Concise, easy, practical and educational”

[Radiology & Radiation Protection M4]

“This course is easy to understand and to apply in our daily clinic. Thank you.”

[Aerosol Generated Exposure]

“The whole DSP pack has been the most helpful course and resources I have brought. Worth every penny.”

[DSP Toolkit]

“Very helpful and informative. Done in an easy style and fun”

[Level 2 Safeguarding Children & Young Adults]

“Great topic for the current time. Puts everything into plain English. Easy to follow guide.”

[DSP Toolkit guidance]

“Useful reappraisal of enhanced CPD requirements”

[Enhanced CPD]

“EXCELLENT COURSE. Informative and insightful. Helped get me prepared for an inspection.”

[Enhanced CPD]

“I really enjoyed this course as it was well presented with clear concise information. Thank you.”

[Equality & Diversity]

“A breath of fresh air! I finally know what my practices need to do!”

[GDPR for Dental Practices]

“Very informative and easy to follow. Good also that there wasn’t too much information on each page.”

[Introduction to Infection Control]

“Quite informative …tiny things we take for granted brought to light”

[Equality & Diversity]

Apolline Total Compliance

The new standard in dental compliance. Compliance management software, access to all compliance documentation, compliance audits and more. See testimonials from our Total Compliance service. 

“We are delighted with Apolline’s services so far, the team is very helpful. Our Practice Advisor Bilkis does a fantastic job, we felt reassured with her guidance and encouraged to improve ourselves and our Practice. Thank you.”

[Total Compliance]

25 Devonshire Place

“I wanted to thank you for the incredible support you offered through the process for my CQC application. Your professionalism snd patience were second to none. In a process that I can only describe as a “free fall” you managed to keep me sane and on track during all the stages of this process. You know your stuff, there s no doubt about it and you know how to pull it off under pressure. I did set some difficult timelines which you managed with an incredible professionalism. 

I am sure that often with a new client and application you come across a colleague that is lost in the process. Your guidance, suppose and empathic approach reassures and empowers your clients to get through the process with enthusiasm.”

[Total Compliance]

Valentina Daskalovic

“A fantastic compliance company. Highly recommended. Easy to use with great support, which is what we were looking for. Bilkis is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for her. We all just love Bilkis! This is the best move I have made compliance wise.”

[Total Compliance]

Olga Argyros

“If you would like your response to a call from the CQC to be “We’d be delighted to see you, would you like to come tomorrow?”, then I urge you to try Apolline Dental Compliance. We’ve tried other compliance solutions in the past, however, the Apolline system really gives you the confidence to know that you are on the right track. An easy-to-use system and a very supportive team. We recently had our CQC inspection and it was a totally positive experience, due in no small part to our partnership with Apolline.”

[Total Compliance]

Dean Saville

“We cannot thank Ian enough for the support and guidance that we receive. Our dental practice, Isca Dental, is located in South Wales, so to have all our auditing and training policy templates and regulation updates all bespoke by Ian to HIW regulations is invaluable. We are extremely grateful for his support and also the support received from Eileen at Apolline. Apolline is definitely the best system to use in helping to stay on top of all of the changes in compliance and legislation. Compliance has been made so much easier to keep on top of and everyone at Isca Dental is so much more knowledgeable, especially following the in house audit visit which involved the whole team. Apolline have been available to support us instantly, via email or a phone call. We are extremely grateful for the patience, guidance and professionalism that we have received at all times. We have a very happy team at Iscan Dental all thanks to Ian and Apoline.”

[Total Compliance]

Katy Louise Roberts

Isca Dental

“Ian at Apolline came to visit our practice in South Wales. We recommend him highly. He was full of knowledge and explained everything clearly and demonstrated processes needed to carry our practice forward. We feel far more confident having had his visit.”

[Total Compliance]

Abigail Davey

Apolline Logo Dental

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