Aerosol Generated Exposure and Fallow Time


The course provides 30 minutes of verifiable CPD.

GDC Development Outcomes: B, C

Aerosol generated exposure or AGE is the exposure risk posed to patients or dental professionals in the clinical environment. These risks come from:

  • The use of aerosol generating procedures or AGPs
  • Dental treatments i.e. impressions, radiographs, extractions
  • Natural body responses such as breathing, speaking, sneezing, coughing and gag reflex.

This course will help you apply AGEs knowledge into your day to day, helping to keep everyone safe.

This course is suitable for the whole dental team.


The aim of this course is to enhance your understanding and knowledge of aerosol generated exposures (AGEs) during dental procedures.

During this course you will learn:

  • The differences between an AGP and an AGE.
  • High and low risk AGEs.
  • The correct PPE for high and low risk AGEs.
  • The correct PPE for reception duties and patients.
  • Fallow times
  • New cleaning and disinfection regimes for high and low risk AGEs.

This course provides 45 minutes of ECPD.