At Apolline Training, we believe that knowledge is the key to creating a safer and more secure environment for dental professionals and their patients. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newly-revised online course, dedicated to providing dental teams with a comprehensive understanding of the vital role that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays in safeguarding against infectious diseases and hazardous materials.

The objective of this online course

1.     In-Depth Understanding of PPE’s Crucial Role: Gain an understanding of how PPE prevents cross-contamination and protects both patients and dental team members from hazardous materials and infectious agents.

2.     Exploration of Various PPE Types: Learn about the necessity of gloves, masks, eye protection, clothing, head coverings, sleeves, gowns, and footwear in dental practice.

3.     Situational Awareness for PPE Use: Explore situations and procedures dictating the use of each type of PPE, along with factors influencing the selection of appropriate protective gear.

4.     Legal Responsibilities and Consequences: Ensure compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. Understand your responsibilities for providing and wearing PPE and the consequences of non-compliance.

5.     Mastering PPE Techniques: Receive clear guidance on how to don and doff PPE correctly. Learn techniques to ensure the right fit, avoid contamination during use, and follow the correct sequence for removing PPE to minimise infection risks.

6.     Navigating the COVID-19 Impact: Gain insights into the specific guidance and recommendations for PPE use during the pandemic, understanding how to adapt and ensure the utmost safety for both your dental team and your patients.

60 minutes of verifiable CPD

Enrol in our Personal Protective course today and during this one-hour course gain knowledge and skills needed to create a safer dental practice environment, learn how to meet (and exceed) industry standards, and ensure the safety of your team and patients. 

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