Early Detection of Mouth Cancer



The aim of this course is to provide dental professionals with education and awareness in oral cancer screening for early detection.


The objectives of this online course are that learner understands:

  • The different types of oral cancers, differential diagnosis and anatomical variations.
  • The common factors that lead to oral cancer.
  • The role of the dental team in the detection and treatment of suspected cancers.
  • How to carry out a screening examination.
  • How to carry out effective extra-oral examinations.


GDC Development Outcomes: A, C, D

This course provides 60 minutes of ECPD.

The Early Detection of Mouth Cancer-An Initiative for The Whole Dental Team

The early detection of mouth cancer is a ‘good news’ subject. The clue lies in the word ‘early’; because early detection saves lives. It doesn’t only save lives; it saves the quality of life both for sufferers and everyone around them.

All GDC registered dental professionals are required to undertake training in ‘Detecting Oral Cancer’ within their 5 year CPD cycle.

Course duration: 60 minutes