Infection Control: Microbiology and Infectious Diseases


This online course aims to give dental professionals an understanding of what cross-infection means and how to prevent it.

It gives you an insight into basic microbiology and infectious diseases so that you can protect your patients and your team members. This also enables you to provide a safe working environment for your patients and all members of the dental practice team.

The course provides 60 minutes of verifiable CPD.

GDC Development Outcomes: C, D

A thorough understanding of the microorganisms that cause disease and how best to prevent transmission of infectious agents is a requirement for all healthcare providers to enable you to fulfil your professional responsibilities, your duty of care and your legal and statutory obligations.


To provide the learner with a basic understanding of the different micro-organisms which can cause transmissible diseases within the dental practice setting and how to reduce risk of infection.

The objective of this e-learning course is to provide dental professionals with:

  • An understanding of which microorganisms can cause human disease.
  • An understanding of the symptoms of these infectious diseases.
  • Knowledge on how a basic understanding of basic microbiology can prevent the transmission of these infectious diseases.

GDC Development Outcomes: C, D

This course provides 60 minutes of ECPD.