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Level 2 Safeguarding Children & Adults at Risk


Level 2 Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk

Safeguarding is the responsibility of every member of the dental team. Each person has a part to play in recognising and responding to the signs of harm and abuse in patients.

The CQC’s role is to monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety. Their role is to check that dental practices provide care that is safe, meaning that patients are protected from abuse and avoidable harm. A key part of this is ensuring that practices have effective systems and processes in place to recognise potential or actual abuse, that they know how to respond and refer appropriately, and they know what they should record in order to help keep children and adults at risk safe. CQC inspectors routinely ask about practices’ safeguarding measures at all inspections.

Level 2 Safeguarding Children & Adults at Risk

Course Aims

To enable you to develop further awareness and understanding of the processes related to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and relate these to your role and responsibilities within your practice.

To develop further how you will work together as a team.

To help ensure that you comply with the CQC ‘s fundamental standards in Regulation 13 (safeguarding) and Regulation 11 (need for consent) of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 and the GDC requirements in relation to safeguarding and child protection.



The objectives of this online course are that the learner will: 

  • Understand the legal framework for safeguarding
  • Know what the term ‘looked after child’ means
  • Recognise what constitutes abuse and maltreatment
  • Understand the relevance of parental and caring factors such as domestic abuse, mental and physical ill health, substance mis-use
  • Recognise the potential impact of a parent/carer’s physical and mental health.
  • Know how to report concerns and how to obtain further advice on FGM, child trafficking and modern slavery
  • Understand the safeguarding referral process
  • Know the importance of information sharing
  • Know the barriers to information sharing
  • Act as an effective child or vulnerable person advocate
  • Be clear about colleagues’ roles and responsibilities
  • Understand professional boundaries, professional abuse and raising concerns about colleagues
  • Know what records you must make and keep in relation to actual or suspected abuse.


GDC Development Outcomes

A, C


Course duration: 3 hours

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