Medical Emergencies: Obstructed Airways


An obstructed airway can typically manifest as choking. If severe this can result in death which is why it is important for the dental team to be trained in how to respond to choking. Medical emergencies can happen at any time in a dental practice therefore it is imperative that you and your team are fully trained.

This course is suitable for the whole dental team.

The course provides 20 minutes of verifiable CPD.

GDC Development Outcomes: A, C


To provide online refresher training in how to deal with someone suffering from an obstructed airway.

The objective of this e-learning course is to provide dental professionals with knowledge about:

  • The signs and symptoms of an obstructed airway.
  • How to respond to a patient suffering from an airway obstruction.
  • How to provide good care before, during and after a choking episode.