New Patient Journey


Coming out of general lockdown has proved to be considerably more difficult than going into lockdown. This is also the case for dental practice re-opening. Many new measures are required to make dental practices safe with the aim of protecting clinicians, team members and patients and reducing the transmission of COVID-19.

Dental practices in the UK were ordered to close on 23 March 2020, with dental care being restricted to providing advice, analgesics and, when appropriate, antibiotics. Over time, a number of Urgent Dental Care Centres were established to provide urgent and emergency care for patients if triaging proved unsuccessful.

Whilst much has been learnt about SARS-CoV-2 since it was first notified to the World Health Organisation at the end of December 2019, much remains unknown. Consequentially there is a lack of high-quality evidence of how best to provide protection to the dental workforce and their patients.


The aim of this course is to provide you with a new understanding of what a patient’s journey will be like in a dental practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. This course is suitable for the whole dental team.


Objectives are that you will learn:

  • The UK COVID-19 Alert Levels.
  • How to emerge from lock down in your practice.
  • How to use a risk-based approach.
  • How the new patient journey will be in practice.
  • The clinical symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Which patients can and can’t be seen in general dental practices.
  • Advice and instructions for patients attending your practice during the pandemic.


This course provides 30 minutes of ECPD.

GDC Development Outcomes: B, C, D.