Radiology and Radiation Protection Module 1


Course Aim:

This online course, the first in our five-part radiology and radiation protection series, aims to provide dental professionals with an understanding of the principles, risks and benefits of radiation in the dental practice following the guidance regulations, IRR17 and IRMER17.

During this course, you should recognise the risks and benefits of ionising radiation in the dental environment. You will learn about the risks and benefits of using radiation, highlighting the importance of reducing dosage when possible.


Learning Objectives

The objective of this e-learning course is to provide dental professionals with:

  • An understanding of the principles of radiation physics.
  • An understanding of radiation in the environment.
  • An understanding of the risks and benefits of ionising radiation.
  • Knowledge of factors in reducing the dosage of x-ray radiation.
  • An introduction to the legislation governing radiology and radiation protection.
  • An understanding of the requirements for registration with HSE.


GDC Development Outcomes: C, D

This course provides 40 minutes of ECPD.

This online, verifiable CPD course is aimed at dental professionals looking to fulfil their GDC requirements in Radiology and Radiation Protection. Meets Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) and Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (IRMER17).

Module 1 looks at the subject of radiation; where it is found in the natural environment and how dental x-rays are produced. It explains the risks and benefits of ionising radiation and the factors involved in reducing the dosage to the patient. There is an overview of the two sets of legislation concerning radiography, along with the requirements for registration of practices with the Health and Safety Executive.

This course is suitable for the whole dental team.

Course duration: 40 minutes