Radiology and Radiation Protection Module 2


Course Aim:

This course aims to provide dental professionals with an understanding of the differing roles and responsibilities under the radiology regulations IRR17 and IRMER17.

You should be able to recognise the need for a ‘Controlled Area’ and the Local Rules surrounding it and be familiar with the recommendations for the radiation protection file.


Learning Objectives

The objective of this e-learning course is to provide dental professionals with:

    • Awareness of the roles required for radiation protection in a dental practice:
      • Employer
      • Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)
      • IRMER Practitioner
      • Referrer
      • Operator
      • Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA)
      • Medical Physics Expert (MPE)
    • An understanding of the entitlement of the Duty Holder.
    • Familiarisation with the designated Controlled Area.
    • An understanding of what Local Rules are and what they should contain.
    • Knowledge in setting up a radiation protection file and maintaining it.


GDC Development Outcomes: C, D

This course provides 60 minutes of ECPD.

This online, verifiable CPD course is aimed at dental professionals looking to fulfil their GDC requirements in Radiology and Radiation Protection. Meets Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 (IRR17) and Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (IRMER17).

Module 2 covers the roles and responsibilities of the various duty holders in radiology and explains the concept of entitlement and its practical application. It also explains the differing roles of the Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) and the Medical Physics Expert (MPE). There is a discussion of the controlled area and the local rules surrounding that, along with an introduction to the Radiation Protection File.

This course is suitable for the whole dental team.

Course duration: 1 hour.