Subscription – Safe Practice: The New Normal Support Service

£99.00 / month

Included in the support service.

You will have access to:

  • 12 COVID-19 related policies and protocols.
  • 6 Risk assessments for dental professionals, patients, and the dental practice.
  • 1 Infection control audit
  • 1 Practice compliance audit and remote assistance to complete the audit from an experienced Practice Advisor.
  • Access for the whole team to all online training courses including COVID-19 related courses.
  • CQC’s Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA) Questionnaire Prompts.
  • Remote support and coaching in the CQC’s Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA).
  • Reliable advice on the ever-changing Test and Trace requirements.
  • Email and telephone support.



  • Reassurance that you are always working to the most up to date guidance.
  • An easy means of providing evidence of compliance should the need arise.
  • The convenience of having everything you need is in one easy to access place.
  • Peace of mind in knowing there is always someone at the end of an email or phone to help you with anything you are not sure about or when things just get too much.


Our new service, which we’ve called ‘Safe Practice: The New Normal’ aims to provide you with comprehensive support in every area and includes:

  • COVID-19 Risk based clinical protocols (SOPs)
  • Policies that have been adapted to be COVID-relevant e.g. infection control, PPE etc
  • Risk assessments for patients, team members and your practice
  • Audits (infection control and COVID-19 practice compliance)
  • Medical histories and consent
  • The CQC’s Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA)
  • Reference documents
  • Updated online training courses on COVID-19.

And as an added bonus, practices that sign up for our new support service will also have free access to all our compliance-based online training courses for all your team members.

COVID-19 Risk based clinical protocols (SOPs)


  1. Accident reporting policy.
  2. Blood borne virus policy (includes eye splash update).
  3. Control of substances hazardous to health policy.
  4. Covid-19 – Working from home.
  5. Decontamination policy.
  6. Dental unit waterline management policy.
  7. Disinfectant application storage and disposal policy.
  8. Environmental cleaning policy.
  9. Healthcare waste policy.
  10. Infection control policy.
  11. Latex policy and procedures.
  12. Manual cleaning policy and protocol.


Risk Assessments

  1. COVID-19 Confidential pregnancy risk assessment.
  2. COVID-19 Patient risk assessment.
  3. COVID-19 Practice risk assessment template.
  4. COVID-19 Staff return to work questionnaire.
  5. COVID-19 Staff risk assessment template.
  6. Staff Risk Assessment following COVID-19 exposure.



  1. COVID-19 Infection Control Audit.
  2. COVID-19 Practice Compliance Audit.
  3. COVID-19 Remote Practice Compliance Audit.


Consent and Medical History Forms

  1. Consent to dental treatment during COVID-19.
  2. COVID-19 Confidential medical history form.
  3. COVID-19 Confidential staff medical history form.


Cleaning Logs and Schedules 

  1. COVID-19 Annual Practice Cleaning Schedule.
  2. COVID-19 Daily Practice Cleaning Schedule.
  3. COVID-19 Daily Surgery Cleaning Log.
  4. COVID-19 Monthly Practice Cleaning Schedule.
  5. COVID-19 Toilet Cleaning Log and Stock Check.
  6. COVID-19 Weekly Practice Cleaning Schedule.


Transitional Monitoring Approach

  1. Transitional Monitoring Approach Questionnaire Prompts


CQC’s Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA)

The CQC is changing its approach to regulating dental practices in England. The commission has adapted its processes and a transitional approach to monitoring services has been implemented. This approach is called the Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA).

At Apolline we have put together a list of things to include when speaking to the CQC inspector. You should ensure that your responses reflect what happens in your practice and any responses you give should be verifiable as the inspector may ask for evidence.

Our support service offers you:

  • Transitional Monitoring Approach Questionnaire Prompts.
  • Support and coaching.

Your whole team will have full access to the Apolline online training courses.

There are currently 32 training courses available and we have many more coming soon!

Relevant to this support service, you will have access to all COVID-19 related courses:

  • Patient Journey (30 mins)
  • Risk Assessments Demystified (60 minutes)
  • Hand Hygiene (20 minutes)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (30 minutes)
  • Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection (30 minutes)
  • Safe Managements of Healthcare Waste HTM 07-01 (60 minutes)
  • Aerosol Generated Exposure and Fallow Time (45 minutes).

Initial Payment: Only £99.00

Ongoing monthly fees: Only £99.00 per month

The minimum contract term for this service is six months.

We require you to pay the initial payment of £99.00 via the Apolline training website.

Subsequent payments of £99.00 will be collected via direct debit and an invoice will be issued detailing these payments.



You will receive continuous support from the Apolline Team.

We will keep you informed with reliable advice on the ever-changing Test and Trace requirements.

We will provide you with full email and telephone support.

And, as guidance changes, all documents will be updated, and you will be notified.

We will be with you every step of the way.