The Robust Team HR File


Your aim should be to create a practice in which all team members are well-informed and well-trained and feel supported in the workplace. They should feel safe and they should feel able to raise concerns without fear of recrimination.

The benefits of this should be that you have a highly skilled, engaged and motivated workforce. And a happy, engaged team means happy patients. It is therefore imperative that you maintain detailed and complete HR files for ALL team members.

The course provides 30 minutes of verifiable CPD

“I found this course to be extremely valuable as I am in the process of updated our employee records.”


This course aims to teach dental practice managers how to create and maintain robust team HR files.


The objectives of this online course are that the participant will understand the following:

  • Give you regulatory advice from the GDC and CQC
  • Show you the benefits of having robust HR files
  • Help you understand GDPR and secure records
  • Advise you on retention records
  • Show you how to create and maintain HR files
  • Help you create robust HR checks.


GDC Development Outcomes

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