Safe Practice: The New Normal

COVID-19 Support Service

Impact of the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone’s lives and livelihoods. Many dental practices are still working through the backlog caused by the enforced closure and new challenges arise regularly.

At Apolline we continue to receive daily calls from practices on how best to handle these challenges so we have put together a new COVID-19 support service to help you with all you need to ensure your practice has all you need to provide safe and effective care through the pandemic and beyond.

Our new service, which we have called ‘Safe Practice: The New Normal’ aims to provide you with comprehensive support in every area and includes:

  • COVID-19 Risk based clinical protocols (SOPs)
  • Policies that have been adapted to be COVID-relevant e.g. infection control, PPE etc
  • Risk assessments for patients, team members and your practice
  • Audits (infection control and COVID-19 practice compliance)
  • Medical histories and consent
  • The CQC’s Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA)
  • Reference documents
  • Updated online training courses on COVID-19

And as an added bonus, practices that sign up for our new support service will also have free access to all our compliance-based online training courses for all your team members.

Aims and objectives

Apolline’s ‘Safe Practice: The New Normal’ support service aims to provide all you need to manage the pandemic in your practice plus access to someone to talk to or email when it all gets too much, or you aren’t sure what to do.

The objectives are to provide you with comprehensive, up to date and accurate information and advice plus online verifiable CPD on COVID-relevant subjects. A key part of the service will be ensuring that all our resources are updated quickly after new official guidance is published. 


  • Reassurance that you are always working to the most up to date guidance.
  • An easy means of providing evidence of compliance should the need arise.
  • The convenience of having everything you need is in one easy to access place.
  • Peace of mind in knowing there is always some on the end of an email or phone to help you with anything you are not sure about or when things just get too much.


How much does it cost?

Only £99 per month.

The new support service is a subscription membership where you can pay monthly.

An initial payment of £99.00 is required and then only £99 per month for a minimum contract term of six months.

Terms and conditions apply.

Sign up to our Training and Compliance Emails and be the first to hear about our new services and much more.

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