A milestone in history

Last year was an unforgettable milestone in the history of our WOMEN’S football team — they brought home victory from the Euro Finals! This extraordinary achievement is truly inspiring and worthy of celebration. Women are showing the world that they have what it takes to excel in football, making a powerful statement about gender equality.

Women really CAN PLAY FOOTBALL! (now take a mental note of how this comment makes you feel)

football fans international womens day

It has been widely accepted over the years that women cannot—or should not—participate in football, and that they have no place on the football field. This biased opinion is not only untrue; it ignores the remarkable female athletes who have broken barriers and challenged preconceptions about women’s ability to perform at a high level of competition.


Learned behaviour that we can change

‘Women can’t play football’

Stereotyping and biased behaviour are learned behaviours that originate from the way we are brought up, our social conditioning and the messages we receive from society. Such attitudes can lead to the belief that girls cannot play football, or that women do not have the necessary skills to play certain sports. This is not only inaccurate but also damaging for both men and women as it prevents individuals from exploring their full potential and achieving greatness in any field of their choice.

It is therefore essential that we take a stand against this outdated notion by creating an atmosphere of acceptance where everyone’s gifts and talents can be nurtured and celebrated. We need to focus on providing people with the right tools to actively combat any type of discrimination they may encounter while having access to equal opportunities regardless of gender or other identity markers. By doing so, we will be paving the way for future generations to reach their goals unhindered by regressive attitudes and systemic obstacles.


The Football Association – moving beyond gender stereotyping

With the launch of ‘We Can Play’, the Football Association is helping to revolutionise women’s and girls’ football by eliminating stereotypes surrounding their involvement in the sport, while encouraging more people of all genders to get involved.


  • 4 out of 5 girls playing recreational football don’t feel confident in doing so.
  • 81% of girls think football is suitable for boys.
    • The figure drops to 56% who think it is suitable for girls.
football team international womens day

We are delighted to collaborate with TIDA

Do you want to learn more about stereotyping and biased behaviour and where it originates?

Do you want to learn more about equality and diversity in the workplace?

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