Training requirements for dental professionals under IRR17 and IRMER17

The General Dental Council (GDC) includes radiology and radiation protection as one of its recommended CPD subjects and recommends a minimum of 5 hours verifiable CPD in the subject during each 5-year cycle.

The subjects specified to be included in training are:

  • The principles of radiation physics.

  • Risks of ionising radiation.

  • Radiation doses in dental radiography.

  • Factors affecting doses in dental radiography.

  • The principles of radiation protection.

  • Statutory requirements.

  • Selection criteria.

  • Quality assurance.

Training can be carried out online providing it meets the GDC criteria for verifiable CPD which can be found at

Who needs training?

Dentist IRMER Degree
Dental nurse acting as operator taking radiographs
Dental nurses taking X-Rays IRMER


You can read more about radiation requirements in your practice on the Care Quality Commission’s website.

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