At Apolline, we know a lot about compliance and regulatory requirements.

And now we’ve turned our expertise into a portfolio of over 55 courses designed to meet all your compliance training needs.

We focus solely on dedicated compliance-based subjects that may not always be readily available elsewhere and as you would expect, we strive to ensure that our courses are always high quality, interesting and engaging, and visually stimulating.

And it seems to work because we have a 98% overall satisfaction rating from our online training customers!

At long last, after 4 years of development, Apolline is delighted to announce the launch of our Annual CPD Membership to enable you to meet all your compliance training requirements for only £39.99 a year!

Who is our Annual Membership suitable for?

All members of the dental team.

It’s also ideal for new start-up practices that need to provide training for new team members in a range of compliance-based subjects.

Our brand new Annual CPD membership is perfect for you if you are a member of the dental team looking to invest in online verifiable CPD in compliance-based subjects such as safeguarding, the Mental Capacity Act, infection control, sepsis, consent, and patient record keeping, and many more; in short, all the courses you need to fulfil your regulatory requirements from a compliance perspective.

Apolline Training online course Annual CPD Membership Subscription for dental professionals

Why choose Apolline?

Our courses are:

  • Suitable for the whole dental team.
  • Up to date and updated annually or sooner if required by regulatory changes.
  • Available as self-paced modules on our training portal with a self-assessment test at the end of each course and a certificate of completion.
  • In line with GDC requirements for verifiable CPD.

And always high quality, interesting and engaging, and visually stimulating.

So what are you waiting for? This one’s worth taking advantage of now.

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