Are you a dental professional seeking a better understanding of what the CQC are looking for when the inspect your dental practice?

The CQC constantly evolves their inspection processes with the aim of making them more efficient and more effective.

Significant changes to how the CQC inspects and regulates became effective in April 2015 and further changes were introduced in April 2018.

Practices that had their last inspection in 2012 can expect to see almost no resemblance to their experiences at that inspection.

Practices that had their last CQC inspection between 2013 and before April 2015 will also see a huge difference between that inspection and an inspection that would take place now.


Introducing: CQC Essentials – What you need to know now

We are proud to unveil our new 60-minute CQC Essentials course that guides members of the dental team through what they need to know in relation to how the CQC inspects and regulates and what they are looking for when they inspect your practice.

As with all of our online courses, there is a short quiz at the end of the course and a certificate is awarded upon completion.